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Welcome to Breakthrough

Here you will find a collection of short documentaries spotlighting amazing visionaries and the groundbreaking technologies and programs they are using to solve many of the problems facing our world today. Our scope is global and our focus is the remarkable - the unique - the revolutionary.
The films highlight individuals, companies, and organizations whose visions are birthing a new world of health, peace, and prosperity
for all. Our subjects include cutting-edge environmental technologies, pioneering healing modalities, innovative social programs, peaceful forms of conflict resolution, and alternative economic models.
Cummins solar test facility
Viewer Input
We encourage visitors to not only enjoy watching our films, but to participate in the site as well by adding to our ever-growing pool of information. It is our intention to become a clearinghouse of information and ideas for people seeking to bring about positive change. To that end, we have included a Viewers’ Contributions page where visitors can share information about organizations and individuals who have made breakthrough discoveries.
Sound healer Avishai Barnatan
There you will find documentaries created by other filmmakers as well as links to fascinating articles and websites. To find out how you can contribute to our site or to be notified when we have posted new films, visit our Contact page.
Trees for the Future in Ethiopia