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Contribute Stories

We are always looking for individuals, organizations, or companies who have made breakthrough discoveries in technology or have developed innovative programs that are helping to change the world.

If you would like to share information about a discovery or project of any such individual, organization, or company, please send us an email. In your email, include a short description of the discovery/project, the contact information of the individual or group concerned, and a photo of the project (if possible). Photos can be from existing websites and contact information can be the website URL.

Short videos are also welcome. If the video is currently online, include the URL where it can be viewed.

We will then research your lead, and if we find it to be in keeping with the mission of our site, we will post the information on our Viewers’ Contributions page. In some cases, we will even use your story as the subject of one of our videos.

Checklist for Submission

To ensure that you have included all the information we need, you can use the following checklist.

    1. Contact information of the individual, group, or company
    (website addresses if they have websites).


    Description of how this discovery/project is helping to change
    the world (between 2 and 5 sentences).


    Photo of the project.


    Link to online video or photo.


    Your name and/or email address. If you don’t want your
    personal information to be disclosed on our website, please let
    us know, and we will keep it confidential.