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Viewers Contributions

Below are the contributions submitted by our viewers. Most of the photos
link to movies which have been created by other people.

Photo by afloresm
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“Power Tower” Solar Thermal Technology

In Seville, Spain, a concrete tower with a vast array of mirrors has been providing clean energy since May of 2007. A similar solar tower is under construction by eSolar in Lancaster, California, providing green jobs for the struggling town. To learn more about the Seville solar tower and eSolar go to: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/6616651.stm  and

Healing with sound

Doctors and therapists throughout the world are using the power of sound to help heal illnesses like cancer, autism, high blood pressure, and insomnia. Many are using singing bowls, tuning forks, voice and musical instruments, while others are using Cymatic instruments which direct specific sound frequencies to the body. To learn more go to:
http://www.harmonyofthespheres.net/Science_of_Sound.html and

Trees provide biofuel, food, and shade at desert’s edge

In Senegal, Trees for the Future is introducing multi-purpose, fast growing trees to revitalize the barren land, and to provide fuel, food, and shade for the local people. One tree, the Jatropha curcas, can be used as live fencing while its seeds will be used for biofuel. To learn more about this project and other Trees for the Future projects go to: http://www.treesforthefuture.org/

Photo by benketaro
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Mushrooms clean up toxic waste

Mycologist Paul Stamets has discovered that a strain of oyster mushrooms can break down heavy oil and restore polluted soil. In Bellingham, Washington, he introduced mushroom spawn into soil polluted by a diesel spill. After four weeks the soil was filled with mushrooms which had converted 95% of the diesel oil to non-toxic components. To learn more about this process and other ways mushrooms can restore the earth, go to: http://www.yesmagazine.org/issues/our-planet-our-selves/mushroom-power

Ithaca strengthens its economy by printing its own money !!!

Residents of Ithaca, New York, have been printing and spending their own local currency since 1991. Using “Ithaca Hours” has enabled the community to expand its money supply, promote and expand local shopping, start new businesses and jobs, and double the local minimum wage. To learn more, go to:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jy2nCHX36tI and http://www.ithacahours.org/

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Cooker turns rice waste into cheap clean fuel

In the Philippines, Alexis Belonio has discovered a way to solve the waste problem of rice husks littering the countryside while providing people with a cheap, clean source of fuel. His biomass stove turns the husks into purified gas for domestic cooking:

Schools where Jewish and Arab children learn to live in peace

Hand in Hand schools in Israel teach Jewish and Arab children to respect each others’ cultures. The schools have not only transformed the lives of the children and their parents, but they are showing everyone in the Middle East that it is possible for Jews and Arabs to live in peace: http://www.handinhandk12.org/
and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F3DD7lhf_Rs&feature=related

Photo by Lauras512
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Homes made out of loofahs???

Social activist Elsa Zaldivar and engineer Pedro Padros have found a way to solve the housing problem in the severely deforested area of Caaguazú, Paraguay. By mixing waste matter from loofahs, other vegetable matter, and recycled plastic, they have created sturdy panels which can be used to build furniture and homes.

Solar powered boats

On May 21, 2012, the Turanor became the first solar powered boat to circumnavigate the globe, showing the world that solar is a viable source of energy for transportation. On a commercial level, Tamarack Lake Electric Boat company in Rome, New York, is producing solar powered recreational boats for customers who want to avoid the noise, expense, and pollution of gas motors: http://www.planetsolar.org/ and

Photo by w00kie
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Rainwater recycling system eases urban water shortage

Throughout the world, heavy rainfall can cause flooding and other problems in urban areas. In Tokyo, Japan, urban planner Makoto Murase has devised a system to collect and use this precious and formerly squandered resource in very practical ways. To learn more, go to: