About Breakthrough

Humanity stands at the threshold of a new world. Behind us the old world is crumbling. Before us shines the vision of a bright future filled with health, peace, and prosperity for all.

It is clear to many people that our old views, habits, and practices are no longer working. For generations people, particularly in Western cultures, have looked upon nature, other humans, and animals as threats to be conquered or as resources to be exploited. This worldview has bred strife, poverty, pollution, and disease. We now face a host of environmental, social, and economic problems and are at a critical juncture. Will we continue with our old ways on the path to planetary destruction? Or will we step across the threshold to create a new world – one where we revere all life, live in harmony with all beings, and develop environmentally friendly technologies that foster health and prosperity for everyone?

Many individuals have already stepped across that threshold. They are the countless visionaries who are creating breakthroughs in numerous fields.

Our purpose is to spotlight and support these visionaries - their technologies, programs, and practices - and by doing so, assist in changing the world. Some of our shows feature new discoveries. Others highlight little known older practices that have worked for years. Although the programs and practices we spotlight may widely vary, they have two things in common. They are unusual and they work.

By featuring technologies, practices, and programs that are getting positive results we hope to inspire people to try similar approaches in their own communities. We also hope our shows will provide potential avenues of exploration for viewers interested in volunteering their services, donating funds, or investing in companies that are making positive changes in the world.

So please enjoy our films/videos, and join us as we step across the threshold to a new world.

Mary Duprey, Producer

Turanor" solar powered boat